Semi Automatic

Semi automatic models are available in two sizes: the Vapor/Matic and Mini/Matic.

The basic difference between the Vapor/Matic and the Mini/Matic is their work capacity, basket size, and overall dimensions. Their operating procedures are the same. These machines are designed to clean one basket of parts per minute and their design capacity including the weight of the basket. The entire cleaning cycle process is 4 minutes. Vapor/Matic & Mini/Matic machines include all standard equipment listed below.

  • Stainless Steel Vapor Tank
  • Insulation On Sides And Bottom
  • Self Distilling
  • Combination Circulation / Drain Pump
  • Portable Stainless Steel Heaters
  • Large Clean Out Ports
  • Vapor Level Safety Switch
  • Exhausted Receiving Platform
  • Boiling Chamber High Temp. Limit
  • Water Temperature Flow Regulator
  • “Vapor Up” Thermostat
  • Use With Trichlor, Perchlor or nPB Solvents
  • (Not Simultaneously)
  • Low Solvent Cut Out
  • Condenser Water Flow Switch And Strainer
  • Nema 12 Control Box
  • High Temp Limit For Condenser Water
  • Water / Solvent Condensate Separator
  • Warning Lights With Audible Manual
    • Re-Set Switches to Indicate:
    • Low Solvent
    • Clean Out Time
  • Water Or Vapor Line Control Failure
  • Heaters Are Individually Fused And
  • Switched. Loss Of One Heater Does Not
  • Completely Disable Machine And Interrupt
  • Production.

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