Model BACT


“The top of the line” for vapor degreasers. 12 standard sizes. CLEANING CAPACITY 2000-6500 pounds iron/steel per hour. Best Available control technology including stainless steel construction, 125% freeboard, closed circuit vapor line control and freeboard chilling, no continuous water supply or sewer is required. See cat sheet for extensive standard equipment including powered sliding covers. Model BACT includes standard equipment below:


  • “Thermo Balanced Heating” Maximum heat only when work is in the vapor zone
  • “Cool Zone” Freeboard chilling system with insulation to “keep the cool inside”
  • Closed circuit cooling (optional) eliminates water and sewage requirements
  • Air operated bi-parting covers
  • lateral duct for passive ventilation system
  • Warning lights with switches to indicate:
    • Low solvent with audible alarm
    • Clean out time
    • Vapor line control failure
  • NEMA 12 control box
  • Heaters are individually fused and switched, loss of one heater does not completely interrupt production
  • Stainless steel vapor tank, pump and solvent plumbing
  • Self distilling
  • Large clean out parts
  • Vapor level safety switch
  • Boiling chamber high temp limit
  • Water temperature regulator
  • “Vapor Up” thermostat
  • Portable stainless steel heaters
  • Easily adjusted to use
    • Trichlorethylene
    • Perchlorethylene
    • n-Propyl Bromide
  • Low solvent safety controls
  • Water flow switch and strainer
  • High temp limit for condenser water
  • Water / Solvent separator
  • Insulation on sides and bottom.

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