Had enough of Aqueous Cleaning?

Before you cough up a hair ball, take another look at solvent vapor degreasing.

Lower purchase price, less floor space required, and a third of the heating requirements, no complicated chemistry to maintain cleaning solutions, simple cleanout procedure, self distilling equipment and minimal waste disposal costs.

Environmentally safe and user friendly, equipped with passive exhaust systems, powered sliding covers, closed circuit cooling and non flammable solvents, our machines comply with all OSHA and EPA requirements for safety and solvent emissions.

Parts cleaned in a vapor degreaaser leave the machine dry and oil free with no residue or re-deposit of soils collected form cold solvents or aqueous cleaners. Soil removed in a vapor degreaser never contaminates the ecosystems. Our modern machines reduce solvent emissions over 90%.

Finally, lightning on a golf course is far more dangerous than vapor degreasing.