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Vapor Engineering manufactures custom industrial vapor degreasing equipment for the metal manufacturing and production industries. 

Vapor degreasers are essentially "thermo balanced" stills. A solvent in the boiling chamber of the machine is heated and vaporized, filing the degreasing tank with heavier than air vapors to a level at which they are contained by a liquid cooled condenser. The solvent vapor is condensed into liquid and returned to the boiling chamber and the cycle is continued. 


Vapor degreasing, the process of cleaning metal parts with non-flammable solvent vapors, is the most popular and least expensive cleaning method available for use prior to finishing operations.


Vapor degreasing is adaptable to all commonly used types of metal. Since cleaning is by solvent action rather than chemical action, vapor degreasing simplifies cleaning on work containing dissimilar metals. 


In addition to its wide acceptance by the finishing industry, the vapor degreasing process is also used to clean screw machine products, stampings, castings, aerospace parts and virtually every type of manufactured metal part.


Model BACT - Our most comprehensive machine. Built with all regulatory equipment installed as standard

Uniquely Clean 

Vapor Engineering manufactures several types degreasing equipment. Our BACT machine is by far the most popular. The unique feature of the vapor degreasing process, no matter which machine is used, is that the work is always cleaned with distilled solvent and leaves the machine through a blanket of vapors drying quickly by evaporation before being removed from the machine.

Easy and Simple to Use

The degreasing process consists of suspending work to be cleaned in the solvent vapors. The hot vapors condense on the cooler metal surfaces and rinse the parts free from grease and oil. When the temperature of the parts being cleaned reaches the temperature of the solvent vapors, condensation stops and work is removed clean and dry for further processing.

Experience / Capabilities

Our capabilities allow us to be unique and custom with every machine. 


Over 50 years 

Vapor Engineering has been manufacturing custom Vapor Degreasers since 1960. Perfecting the design of the "Open Top" degreaser. As well as creating the first "automated" vapor degeraser - Vapor/Matic 


Completely Custom

We are the manufacturer. Allowing us to be completely custom in design and manufacturing of our products.
Every VE Vapor Degreaser is built to your needs. 


Constantly Improving

New solvents and advanced control systems have allowed us to create the next level of vapor degreasing equipment, our "NXT" series


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