Product Catalog

  1. Vapor/Spray degreaser for aircraft parts manufacturer
  2. Solvent recovery system with still and storage tanks
  3. Vapor/Matic Ferris wheel design with ultrasonics & closed circuit cooling
  4. Mini/Matic Ferris wheel design with vapor, liquid immersion & vapor rinse
  5. Three stage vapor & ultrasonics with a distilled solvent rinse
  6. Electric & steam heated stills
  7. Monorail degreaser for TV frames
  8. Model BACT-48 vapor/spray design most popular model ever built
  9. Maxi/Matic design with extended vapor area for large parts & filtered spray
  10. Typical freeboard chilling coils to control emissions, above vapor level
  11. Small single stage vapor degreaser
  12. Model BACT-36 vapor/spray degreaser
  13. Largest vapor/spray degreaser ever built electrically heated 60,000#/Hr cleaning capacity
  14. Model BACT-36 with hooded enclosure and closed circuit cooling
  15. Model SDA-36 2 stage vapor/liquid with ultrasonics & annual spray
  16. Economy Line model EL-36 with manually operated covers
  17. Tumbling basket accessory
  18. Model SD vapor/dip, vapor rinse note standard insulation being installed
  19. Vapor/Spray pipe & tubing degreaser
  20. 25’ BACT model steam heated with freeboard cooling, self distilling with external solvent storage
  21. Model BACT-48 for HA 50/50 solvent steam heated with automatic fire extinguishing system for flammables
  22. Special unit for Methylene Chloride


Vapor Degreaser Products