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Why Vapor Degreasing?

Vapor degreasing, the process of cleaning metal parts with non-flammable degreasing solvent vapors, is the most popular and least expensive cleaning method available for use prior to finishing operations such as painting, anodizing, or electro plating. In addition to its acceptance by the finishing industry, the process is also used to clean screw machine products, stampings, castings, and virtually any type of metal part manufactured.

Vapor Engineering manufactures several types of machines. The unique feature of the vapor degreasing process, no matter which machine is used, is that the work is always cleaned with distilled solvent and leaves the machine through a blanket of vapors drying quickly by evaporation before being remove from the machine.

Pollution Control

Public concern about pollution control, to which we subscribe, is something that must be considered when selecting a cleaning system. Vapor degreasing contributes less to environmental pollution than any other cleaning method. Water used for condenser purposes is as pure leaving the machine as it was on entry. Solvent in the exhaust stream has been reduced by more than 90% and oil removed is trapped in the degreaser, not contaminating clean water and sewer systems.

Think Green….“Environmentally Safe Vapor Degreasing”

Consider these facts

  • Modern vapor degreasers are environmentally sound. Machines properly operated and equipped with powered sliding covers, freeboard refrigeration systems and passive exhaust systems reduce solvent emissions over 90%
  • Closed Circuit water chilling eliminates the need for sewers and continuous usage.
  • Vapor degreasing solvents are non-flammable and recyclable.
  • Soil removed in a vapor degreaser never enters the ecosystem. Vapor degreasing is environmentally safe.
  • Vapor degreasers cost less to purchase, operate and maintain than water washing or cold solvent cleaning systems.
  • Finally, lightning on a golf course is far more dangerous than a properly operated vapor degreaser.

Standard Vapor Engineering Designs

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Metal Parts Washer

"The top of the line" for vapor degreasers. 12 standard sizes. CLEANING CAPACITY 2000-6500 pounds iron/steel per hour. Best Available control technology including stainless steel construction, 125% freeboard, closed circuit vapor line control and freeboard chilling, no continuous water supply or sewer is required. See cat sheet for extensive standard equipment including powered sliding covers.

Vapor Degreasers

Heavy duty cleaning required, vapor and immersion of parts with impacted soil that may require ultrasonic assistance. Two stage vapor/liquid with optional ultrasonics. Includes "BACT" technology and extensive list of standard equipment shown in cat sheet.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Ideal for job shops where degreasing is not always required, but very handy. Designed to suit smaller shops. These units comply with EPA emissions requirements and OSHA operator exposure limits for degreasers with less than 13 square feet of solvent/air interface.

Solvent Recovery Still

Operator works at floor level with only a minor step up. Will clean 60 baskets per hour. Totally enclosed opening only for basket entry/exit. A four station ferris wheel conveyor designed for semi automatic production. Available with ultrasonics for the dip chamber. Totally enclosed and complies with EPA/OSHA requirements. Available in two standard sizes.

Ultrasonic Degreasing

Available electric or steam heated. 4 sizes automatic operation. 15, 30, 50, and 75 gallons per hour. Solvent recovery stills for vapor degreasers not able to shut down for cleanout maintenance. All Vapor Engineering degreasers are designed to be self distilling.

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Nothing…absolutely, NOTHING, will remove lubricants, grease, shop dirt and other surface contaminants on metal parts better than a vapor degreaser, without the complicated chemistry and disposal problems of contaminated water from aqueous cleaning. Ninety five percent of screw machine products, small stamping and parts being prepared for plating can be made “squeaky clean” with less cost to purchase, operate and maintain than aqueous or cold solvent cleaning.